We build relationships with people who live and work with children in the poorest parts of the world. We look for people who have demonstrated a high level of integrity in their community and have a track record of success working with the people in their area.

Once a relationship and trust is established, we identify ten to fifteen children that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Are Orphaned.
  2. Are Living with a single parent unable to support them.
  3. Are unable to attend school for financial or other hardship reasons.

We hire a qualified teacher and find a place (usually at an existing school), where they are educated, fed, and receive basic healthcare.

We then find sponsors in the United States that “adopt” these children through their school years, by covering their school, food, and basic medical expenses.

The children stay together as a group for the first few years, and then will be placed in local schools at the appropriate level. They are monitored weekly by a local administrator and by the SAND Foundation.

Our program is relationship based. We work only in locations where we have established a relationship with people, and we encourage relationship between the sponsors and the children.