The New School

The Residence

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Our entire foundation is based on relationships. Relationship of our sponsors to their children, our partners to the project, and our team.   We encourage our sponsors to communicate with their children by email and in person by Skype, and we even have opportunities for those so inclined to go and visit the children in Uganda personally.  Everyone connected with SAND Foundation is encouraged to develop a relationship with us and all our orphans and our support staff. Our SAND children have switched schools and are now attending Mivule Foundation School.  This school was founded over ten years ago by U.S. education foundation and later turned over for private use.  The school has an excellent reputation and is a full boarding school with about 600 children attending.SAM_0797 We now house all our children in a private home that we lease.  The home is 75% complete with finishing work, plumbing, and property improvements still needed.  The orphanage is an example of the development part of SAND. Even though our original goal was strictly the education of children, we soon realized that their living conditions were in conflict with our goal.