We believe in a culture of educating youth through literacy and empowering them with life skills, such as the art of sewing.

Through education and teaching the art of sewing, we can transform a generation by inspiring a desire in children for a sustainable future for themselves.  Our children will use their education and sewing skills to become financially independent adults who will give back to their community.

SEW BAYGANDA is bridging a gap between two distinct worlds with one common thread, by “sewing” hope and the opportunity of future economic freedom.  We will be the catalyst for change.  We invite you to join us and radically “sew” into this generation of young people.


From the San Francisco Bay Area to Uganda, Africa, we want to educate as many children as possible through the art of sewing.  Learning this craft gives a voice to the creative passion that lies within every one of us.  Our providing an education is the foundation for self preservation and economic freedom.