Dining Hall / Study Center

Following some very generous donations to SAND Foundation, we have started to construct our dining hall and study center.  This will be a large multi-purpose room were the kids can actually sit at tables to eat their meals and also use it as a place to study and play.  Thank you for all that helped… Read More

There and Back Again

Board Members Kurt and Erica traveled to Uganda with Janet, a friend of Erica.  We spend ten days with the kids.  Erica held a sewing camp for the kids, teaching them basic sewing skills and having them actually make some of their own clothing.  This skill can be very handy for them in the future. … Read More

Kids Thrilled at New Bathrooms

Who would have thought that some outside toilets and showers would be such a welcome addition to our boarding house? But imagine a house with only two bathrooms that 20+ people are trying to share.  That was the situation we were in.  I won’t go into details but there were times when it was impossible,… Read More