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A project that combines K-12 education and the art of sewing for children from the Bay Area, to Uganda. We do this by joining two organizations that work together to empower and motivate creativity in children making their futures brighter.

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SAND stands for Student Adoption Network Development.  We empower and educate children in Uganda through committed relationships with people who care. Our children attend a private foundation K-12 school at which some of them are boarded and other live with us at a residence.  We believe that education must be accompanied by a healthy, loving, and safe environment where children can thrive.

SAND is based on relationships with families in the U.S. and their sponsored children in Uganda.  We also foster relationships of ambassadors to the overall project and our team.  

BAYGANDA teaches the art of Sewing.  It was started in 2007 with award winning “Sew What” sewing camps in the Bay Area teaching over 300 students.  In 2011, the camp was brought to the children Uganda. 

The “Sew What” camp provides professional teaching artists to challenge and support each child, inspiring students to reach their goals. We give each student machine instruction and teach them to create.  Each year, students design for a much anticipated fashion show and they participate in group challenges where they learn to collaborate with one another.  

BayGanda believes in a culture of empowering youth through education and equipping them with entrepreneurial skills. We are using the art of sewing as the vehicle to bridge the gap between two worlds of children, in the BayArea and Uganda.     

Our vision is to teach the art of sewing and use education to transform this generation to desire a sustainable future for themselves. Our children will use creative prowess and their K-12 education to become financially independent adults who will give back to their communities.  BayGanda is closing the divide between two distinct worlds with one common thread, the opportunity for future economic freedom . From the BayArea to Uganda we will be the catalyst for global change. Join us and radically sew into this generation of young people.

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We are raising funds for our 19 kids and adding 7 more children from staff and friends in Uganda.  We are aiming for $50 per child.  This will purchase a new set of clothing and two pairs of new shoes for each one. In addition we also want to provide some funds for our Uganda… Read More

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Erica is a Director of Education for SAND Foundation and her Sewing Camps help our SAND kids, and other kids in the area, with life skills and opportunities. While in Uganda, she will also be checking in on our SAND programs, staff, and Facilities.

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  After more than a year of wreaking havoc across western and southern Africa, fall armyworms have now been reported in most countries in eastern Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Burundi. “The price of food, the maize especially, has increased by about 90 percent over the long-term average, in the last few… Read More

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